The Terra Pod

Terra Pod, AstroSeed's game-changer, introduces a new era of sustainable agriculture and innovative plant research through advanced aeroponics. We're creating a future where efficient and sustainable farming breaks free from geographical constraints.

Terra Pod, with its versatile interior design options, functions as a cutting-edge food production system, a smart greenhouse, and a novel plant research center.

The Most Advanced AI-MONITORED Food Production System
Profitable, Productive, and Predictive

Uses Space-grade efficient Farming techniques.

1500 cubic feet module carefully built for food production.

Autonomous Closed-Loop system featuring drones and robotic arms.

Predictive Yield Simulations.

Customizable crop selection.

Your Personal Oasis: Intelligent, Luxurious, and Alive

Serene Gardening experience right at your Fingertips.

Create unforgettable memories with your family or friends, unwind, and find yourself all in the comfort of Nature.

Indulge in a sensory spectacle with AI-generated original music and customized aromas.

Customizable Interior Designs.

Connecting Humans with Nature and Nature with Humans

Your Laboratory for the Future of Botany

Unleash your research potential with Terra Pod, which enables you to simulate any environment, anywhere on Earth.

Conserve the biodiversity of rare plants in separate compartments with their own tailored environments.

AI-Powered Analysis anywhere and anytime.